How to Stay on Top of Your Health – Health Motivation Video

How to Stay on Top of Your Health – Health Motivation Video

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How to stay on top of your health?

My answer is simple: your mindset needs to be in check. You need to be proactive…

Proactivity vs. Reactivity

Proactivity is the opposite of reactivity. As a reactive person can only react to its environment, a proactive person takes action upon his environment.

The reactive person is someone that believes he will be taken care of in some way. He believes he’s not in control of his destiny, but that his destiny is controlling him.

Health Motivation Video

Conversely, the proactive person believes he’s in charge of his own destiny and doesn’t expect anybody to take care of him. He believes he can shape his destiny and lives towards what he believes to be best for him.

You obviously need to be proactive.

No, let me rephrase: You obviously need to get the habit of being proactive. This means stopping to be a victim of your own circumstances (e.g. your health), and start making things happen!

I like to see proactivity as being a muscle, a muscle you can train. Some people might be naturally proactive, but most of us aren’t.

What do You Focus on?

The huge difference between reactive and proactive people is their focus: As the first group of people is focusing on what the environment is doing to them, the second group is focusing on what they can do upon the environment.

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